Killian’s Irish Red Neon Sign from Pulp Fiction

In Quentin Tarantino’s classic neo-noir flick Pulp Fiction, what seems to be a simple background prop turns out to give some subtle foreshadowing for the events to occur. This takes place in the pawn shop scene after Butch escapes from the basement. Look at the neon sign in the upper-left corner after he decides to go back and save Marcellus from the pawn shop owner and Zed:

Pulp Fiction Killian's Red Neon Sign

It’s a sign for Killian’s Irish Red beer, but with half of the letters burnt out, spelling only “KILL ED.” What is the significance of this?

This could be interpreted two ways: It spells out “KILLED,” which symbolizes Zed’s ultimate fate. Or, take a look at this shot of Zed’s key chain earlier in the scene:

Pulp Fiction Zed Z Keychain

Adding the “Z” to the sign spells out “Kill Zed,” Pretty cool huh? This neon sign can even be customized with a pull chain that only turns on the “kill ed” letters!

Killian's Irish Red Neon Sign

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