Bates Motel Neon Sign from Psycho

Bates Motel Neon Sign Psycho

Arguably Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous movie also may feature cinema’s most iconic neon sign. The Bates Motel is where Marion Crane finds herself during a rainy night and, well, let’s just say her stay at this roadside inn didn’t turn out in her favor.

Psycho (1960) stars Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles, and Janet Leigh and tells the tale of a secretary on the run and a disturbed hotel owner which leads to a bloody aftermath. This classic movie has spawned sequels, remakes, and now a hit T.V. series. A Bates Motel neon sign will look awesome on your wall, just be wary of knife-wielding, cross-dressing weirdos while you shower!

Bates Motel No Vacancy Neon Sign

Bates Motel Neon Sign