Hell Here Neon Sign from Batman Returns

In Batman Returns, the much darker 1992 follow up to Tim Burton’s first big-budget film featuring the Caped Crusader, we are introduced to Selena Kyle (played by Michelle Pfeiffer) who later transforms into Catwoman after she’s tossed out of a high-rise building and rescued by some stray cats.

Hell Here Neon Sign Batman Returns

In this iconic scene, after she assumes her Catwoman identity she trashes her apartment, and in doing so kicks a “HELLO THERE” neon sign she has hanging on her wall.  The ‘O’ and the ‘T’ end up broken, making the sign say “HELL HERE.” This is a pretty fitting message and a nice subtle touch by Mr. Burton.

Hell Here Hello There Batman Returns Neon Sign

Hell Here Neon Sign

Hell Here Neon Sign